Tall indoor grass plant

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Tall indoor grass plant

A tall indoor grass is a cultivar of paspalum grass. Tall indoor grass is also sold under the names 'Tall-Green' and 'Blue Grass'.

Tall indoor grass is very easy to grow and tolerates high light levels (indoor plants are sometimes exposed to high levels of sunlight). Since most indoor plants need less water than outdoor plants, they can tolerate drought better.

Tall indoor grass does not grow as large as outdoor grass plants, but grows much taller and may reach 3 to 6 feet tall. Indoor plants can be grown from cuttings. In contrast to grass lawns, the grass in tall indoor grass has a more mounded appearance and is not cut to be uniform. It can be used as an artificial lawn inside a building, and also serves as a living accent plant. Because tall indoor grass is more tolerant of heat, less maintenance is required, allowing it to grow throughout most of the year.

Tall indoor grass can be bought at any large plant nursery. Its most distinguishing feature is its ability to withstand heat. Indoor plants grow during winter months when outdoor plants do not and this can be a valuable advantage to the owners of tall indoor grass. Indoor plants also do not need to be fed like outdoor plants which uses up much of a household's budget. Indoor plants can grow in pots but the best results come from containers with a drainage system. Tall indoor grass is easy to grow and its roots can be easily seen at the base. Tall indoor grass does best in full sun, but can survive with moderate shade. Unlike other varieties of grasses, tall indoor grass is relatively drought resistant and does not require a water shortage for its growth.

Tall indoor grass has a hardiness rating of H7. This means that it can tolerate winter temperatures of -5 to +30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Tall indoor grass is a paspalum grass which is native to Europe and Africa. It was used to make straw for the construction of boats and wagons before the 20th century. In the first half of the 20th century, it was introduced to America as a form of landscaping. A new variety of this grass, the giant paspalum paspalum, was brought to America in 1938 and has been cultivated since then. Because it grows fast and requires no special care, it has become a very popular grass.


Tall indoor grass is typically used as an accent plant. It can be seen in some modern garden designs, but is most often found in private offices where it provides a more natural look than other artificial lawns. It can be planted outside in cool climates as well. Indoors it can add a pleasant, but subtle, splash of green to the decor. It is not as heat tolerant as the giant paspalum, but can grow in the middle of a hot summer. It can be used in dry areas, but does require regular watering. Tall indoor grass can be planted in areas that have a lot of light and do not need a lot of water. It has a hardiness rating of H7 and will grow in very dry climates. It is often used in indoor planters and can grow up to tall. It also does well in areas with sandy soil.



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